River Run Reptiles

Facts about Fox Snakes in the neighborhood

They can swim and climb.

Although they don’t have rattles and aren’t venomous, people often confuse them with rattlesnakes because they sometimes will shake their tails, hiss, and strike when threatened.

General description: This long snake has large, dark splotches on most of its body and dark rings on its tail. In young fox snakes, the head has a black line from the eye to the jaw, and another across the top between the eyes.

Size: Fox snakes can reach over 5 feet in length.

Color: The background color of the western fox snake is yellow to dark brown. The markings are brown or black. The western fox snake’s belly is yellow with black marks. Adults have an unmarked bronze colored head.

Sound: Although it lacks rattles, the western fox snake can make a rattly sound when it shakes its tail. It also may hiss when threatened.