Guest Passes & Guest Policy

Guest Policies and Guest Passes

River Run Club Members,

It’s exciting to see the Club come back to life after the events over the last couple of years.  Pool use last summer was as high as we’ve seen in over a decade.  As the neighborhood flips and younger families move in, we predict this trend will continue.

In order to ensure that you, our Members, get maximum enjoyment from the Club’s amenities, we need to remind Members of the proper use of guest passes.

Please remember we are a membership driven Club and as Members you have exclusive rights to the Club.

A “Member” as defined in the by-laws:

Primary member, his/her spouse, that Member’s single sons and daughters age 25 and under who reside in your home, and 1 caregiver if registered with the Club shall have, subject to Club rules and the By-laws, all the rights and privileges afforded by the Club. Each member shall be responsible for all the charges, costs and damages incurred by his/her family members and guests.

We understand that you may want to share the use of the Club to your extended family and friends. In fact, we encourage this! However, we need to enforce the use of guest passes in these situations.

June 1st you will receive 10 free guest passes to use for your extended family and friends. If 10 is not enough, additional passes can be purchased for $5 each at any time. Guests may also pay the guest fee of $5 upon arrival. 

Guests must be accompanied by a Member to gain admission to the Club.
Guest passes are for regular admission to the Club. Guest passes are Not valid on holidays or for special events.

Free guest passes expire after 1 year.

*June Sale*

For the month of June when you purchase 10
guest passes we will give you 5 for free!

Guest passes will be added to your Member
account once payment is received via check, cash or credit card. Any questions please email Kerry: